Waterfall Alphabetical Listing

Avery Creek, Waterfall on
Aunt Sally’s Falls

55 M.P.H. Falls

Alana’s Falls (Waterfall on Unnamed Trib of Henry Branch)

Auger Fork Falls

Aunt Sally’s Falls

Avery Creek, Upper Waterfall on

Avery Creek, Waterfall on

Barnett Branch, Middle Falls on

Barnett Branch, Upper Falls on

Barnett Branch, Waterfall on

Batson Creek Falls

Batson Creek, Middle

Batson Creek, Upper

Bear Wallow Falls

Bedrock Betty Falls

Beetree Fork Falls

Bennett Cove Falls

Bernie’s Falls

Berry Branch Falls

Big Falls (Thompson River)

Billy Branch, Falls on

Bonas Defeat Falls

Bridalveil Falls (DuPont)

Bridle Veil Falls (Highlands)

Bubbling Springs Branch Cascades

Bubbling Springs Branch, Lower Falls on

Bubbling Springs Branch, Upper Falls on

Cedar Rock Creek

Caney Bottom Loop Trail, Waterfall on

Carlton Falls

Catawba Falls

Catawba Falls, Lower

Cathedral Falls

Cathey’s Creek, Waterfall on

Cedar Rock Creek, Upper Waterfall on

Cedar Rock Creek, Waterfall on

Chestnut Falls

Clawhammer Creek, Waterfall on

Cody Falls

Cold Creek Falls

Cold Mountain Branch, Waterfall on

Halfway Falls

Connestee Falls

Courthouse Falls

Courthouse Falls, Upper

Cove Creek Falls

Cove Creek, Pothole Cascades on

Cove Creek, Rockslide on

Crabtree Falls

Creekside Falls

Cullasaja Falls

D.E.W. Falls

Upper Dill Falls

Devil’s Fork Creek, Waterfall on

Dill Falls, Lower

Dill Falls, Upper

Dismal Falls

Dismal Falls, Lower

Double Branch, Falls on

Drift Falls

Dry Falls

Duggers Creek Falls

Eastatoe Falls

East Fork Falls

Elbow Falls

Entrance Falls

Exit Falls

Falls Park on the Reedy River

Flat Creek Falls

Flat Laurel Creek, Waterfall on

French Briad Falls

Frolictown Falls

Glassmine Falls

Grandmas Kitchen Falls

Grandmas Pantry Falls

Granny Burrell Falls

Grassy Creek Falls (DuPont)

Grassy Creek Falls (Mt Mitchell)

Greenland Creek Falls

Grogan Creek

Grogan Creek, Waterfall on

Halfway Falls

Herrin Knob Falls

Hickory Branch Falls

Hickory Nut Falls

Hidden Falls

High Falls (DuPont)

High Falls (Pisgah)

High Falls (Thompson River)

High Falls (West Fork Tuckasegee River)

Hooker Falls

Horsepasture Rd, Waterfall on

Indian Creek Falls

Issaqueena Falls

Jawbone Falls

John’s Jump Falls

Juney Whank Falls

Key Falls

Kiesee Falls

Kiesee Falls, Upper

Kings Creek Falls

Lemon Falls

Licklog Falls

Linville Falls

Little Beartrap Falls

Little Bird Falls

Little Bradley Falls

Little Moore Cove Falls

Log Hollow Branch, Upper Waterfall on

Log Hollow Branch

Log Hollow Branch, Waterfall on

Log Hollow Branch, Waterfall on Northern Tributary

Log Hollow Branch, Waterfall on Southern Tributary

Long Branch, Waterfall on

Looking Glass Creek, Unnamed #1 on

Looking Glass Creek, Unnamed #2 on

Looking Glass Creek, Unnamed #3 on

Looking Glass Falls

Lower Cascades Falls

Lower Falls @ Graveyard Fields

Lower Falls (Stone Mountain)

Slate Rock Creek

Mac’s Falls

Maple Springs Branch Falls

Melrose Falls

Merge Lane Falls

Merry Falls

Middle Cascade Falls

Middle Falls (Stone Mountain)

Mingo Falls

Moore Cove Falls

More Cave, (Panthertown)

Mt Hardy Falls

Nasty Falls

Nellie’s Falls

Pearson’s Falls

Pigeon Branch Falls

Pigpen Falls

Portage Left Falls

Pothole Falls

Quarry Falls

Rainbow Falls (Gorges)

Raven Cliff Falls

Raven Rock Falls

Red Butt Falls

Red Rock Falls, Waterfall below

219 – Reese Place Falls

Reid Branch Falls

Relief Falls

Rhapsodie Falls

Rhapsodie Falls, Waterfall below

Rich Falls

Riding Ford Falls

Roadside Waterfall on NC215 North

Roaring Fork Falls

Rockhouse Creek, Middle Falls on

Rockhouse Creek

Rockhouse Creek, Small Waterfall on

Rockhouse Creek, Upper Falls on

Rockhouse Creek, Waterfall on Trib of

Rough Run Falls

Sam Branch, Waterfall on

Saxifrage Falls

Scadin Falls

Schoolhouse Falls

Second Falls @ Graveyard Fields

Secret Falls

Secret Falls (Highlands)

Setrock Creek Falls

Shoal Creek Falls

Shower Falls

Silver Run Falls

Silver Run Falls, Upper

Simon’s Falls

Skinny Dip Falls

Slate Rock Creek, Waterfall on

Slickens Creek, Waterfall on

Slick Rock Falls

Slick Rock Falls, Lower

Sliding Rock

Sliding Rock

Slippery Witch Falls

Soco Falls

Sols Creek Falls, Upper

Split Falls on Wildcat Trail

Spoonauger Falls

Stairway Falls

Standing Stone Falls

Station Cove Falls

Stone Mountain Falls

Summey Cove Falls

Sunburst Falls

Talus Cave Falls

Terrace Falls

The Chute

Tom’s Creek Falls

Tom Springs Branch Falls (Pisgah)

Tom Springs Branch Falls, Upper

Tom Springs Falls (GSMNP)

Torys Den Falls

Toxaway Falls

Toxaway River, Waterfall on Trib #1 of

Tranquility Falls (Panthertown)

Triple Falls

Skinny Dip Falls

Turbulent Falls (Panthertown)

Turtle Back Falls

Twin Falls (Henry Branch)

Twin Falls (SC)

Upper Creek Falls

Upper Creek, Sliding Rock on

Unnamed Waterfall on FR475

Upper Cascade Falls

Upper Falls @ Graveyard Fields

Virginia Hawkins Falls

Warden’s Falls

Wash Hollow, Waterfall on 

West Fork of the Pigeon River, Waterfall on

Wheelchair Accessible Falls

White Owl Falls

Whiteoak Creek Falls

Whitewater Falls

Whitewater Falls, Lower

Widow’s Creek Falls

Warden’s Falls

Wildcat Branch Falls, Lower

Wildcat Branch Falls, Middle

Wildcat Branch Falls, Upper

Wildcat Branch, Falls on Tributary of

Wildcat Falls

Wildcat Falls, Lower

Wildcat Falls, Middle

Wilderness Falls

Window Falls

Wintergreen Falls (DuPont)

Woods Cove Falls

Yellow Branch Falls

Yellowstone Falls

Yellowstone Falls, Lower


Big Bend Falls



Bradley Cooper Falls

Brasstown Falls

Brasstown Falls, Little

Brasstown Falls, Lower

Brasstown Falls, Upper


Case Falls

Cashier’s Sliding Rock

Cavern Falls

Cedar Creek, Falls on (Fountain Inn SC)

Chasm Falls


Cradle Falls


Emily Falls

Falls Creek Falls

Falls Creek Falls, Upper

FR 225 Falls

Glen Falls

Glen Falls Downstream

Glen Falls (Lower)

Glen Falls (Upper)

Hungry River, Upper Waterfall on

Jones Gap Falls


Lee Falls


Milton Bradley Falls

Marilu Bradley Falls

Opossum Creek Falls

Picklesimer Rockhouse Falls

Poundingmill Branch Falls

Ranger Falls

Rainbow Falls (Camp Greenville)

Riley Moore Falls




Shuck Ridge Creek, Waterfall Above

Shuck Ridge Creek Falls

Unnamed Waterfall (near Daniel Ridge Trail)









264 – Waterfall on Trib of Brooks Creek

265 – Brooks Creek Falls

266 – Pinkie Falls

267 – Waterfall on Skitty Creek

268 – Whiteoak Falls

269 – Jagged Rock Falls

270 – The Cascades on Nantahala River

271 – Camp Branch Falls

272 – Wesser Falls (Worser Wesser)

273 – Rattlesnake Falls

274 – Last Falls on Slickum

275 – Sweet Thing on Slickum

276 – Amelia Falls

277 – Waterfall #1 on Pinnacle MTN Trail

278 – Waterfall #2 on Pinnacle MTN Trail

279 – Waterfall #3 on Pinnacle MTN Trail

280 – Waterfall #4 on Pinnacle MTN Trail

281 – No-Name Cove Falls

282 – Lower Waterfall in Upper Bennett Cove

283 – Middle Waterfall in Upper Bennett Cove

284 – Upper Waterfall in Upper Bennett Cove

285 – Lowest Waterfall in Cherry Cove

286 – Middle Waterfall in Cherry Cove

287 – Upper Waterfall in Cherry Cove

288 – Upper Middle Creek Falls

289 – Middle Creek Falls

290 – Catstairs Falls

291 – Potholes Falls

292 – Lake Sequoyah Dam Falls

293 – Kalakaleskies Falls

294 – Waterfall on Williamson Creek

295 – Glencannon Falls

296 – Turley Falls

297 – Waterfall on Pearson Falls Rd

298 – Stick Falls

299 – Lower Stick Falls

300 – Slick Stick Falls

301 – Scotsman Falls

302 – Upper Scotsman Falls

303 – Sassafras Falls

304 – Big Falls (Snowbird Creek)

305 – Middle Falls (Snowbird Creek)

306 – Upper Falls (Snowbird Creek)

307 – Graveley Falls

308 – McCall Mill Shoals

309 – Frozen Creek Shoals

310 – Diamond Creek Falls

311 – Pounding Mill Falls

312 – Pinhook Falls

313 – Tanasee Creek Falls

314 – Gage Creek Falls

315 – Charley’s Bridge Falls

316 – Waterfall on Trib of Sols Creek

317 – Roy Talyor Falls

318 – Charleys Creek Falls

319 – Wolf Creek Falls

320 – Long Creek Falls

321 – Moses Creek Falls

322 – Sugar Creek Falls

323 – Dryland Laurel Branch Falls

324 – Upper Sugar Creek Falls

325 – Rough Butt Creek Falls

326 – Cherry Cove Falls

327 – Lower Thompson Ridge Falls

328 – Upper Thompson Ridge Falls

329 – Shunkawauken Falls


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