015 – Bridalveil Falls (DuPont)

Accessibility – Moderate

Height: Approx 12′ initial drop 100′-120′ rockslide

Distance – 4.2 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 8

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 6

GPS Info: LAT 35.1773 LONG -82.6220

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Like most waterfalls in DuPont, there are multiple ways to get to Bridalveil Falls. It can be incorporated into a day hike that includes Triple Falls and High Falls. If going this route park at the Hooker Falls parking area. You can also park at the Buck Forest Parking area and follow Buck Forest Rd to Conservation Rd. When I visited this waterfall I did so from the Fawn Lake Parking area. The other routes me be harder or easier, longer or shorted but I have’t gone those route to say for sure.

First off, lets get to the Fawn Lake Parking area. Begin at the intersection of US64 east (between Brevard and Hendersonville) and Crab Creek Rd. Follow Crab Creek Rd. 4.2 miles to DuPont Rd and turn right. Remain on DuPont Rd. for 5.3 miles until it ends. Along the way Dupont Rd. becomes Station Rd. so don’t panic. Turn turn left on Cascade Lake Rd. and proceed 2.5 miles to Reasonover Rd. and turn left. The Fawn Lake Parking area is 2.8 miles away on the left. This is a popular mountain biking parking area so stay alert when hiking.

The hike from Fawn Lake Parking area begins on the Reasonover Creek Trail but only briefly. Just beyond the information kiosk, possibly 0.1 miles turn left onto Conservation Rd. At one point Conservation Rd. will fork. One branch veers left and the other ascends. Head up the hill. The two trails will rejoin near the airstrip. That’s right, airstrip. Just about a mile from the start of the hike you will come to runway and hangar. The road parallels the right side the runway and eventually starts downhill. A side road come in as you descend that leads to Lake Julia, remain on Conservation Rd. After 1.8 miles a road will intersect from the left, this is Bridal Veil Falls Rd. If you keep going straight on Conservation Rd. you will eventually intersect Buck Forest Rd not too far from the High Falls covered bridge. Half a mile down Bridal Veil Falls Rd. you will reach the base of the waterfall.

You can take a picture form here but ideally if conditions are good, you can make your way onto the sloping rock and climb to the top to see the initial drop. If the rock is wet it will be slippery so stay on the dry areas. If water levels are up, don’t risk it. If you are able to ascend, stay to the left side of the water flow. Do not try and cross. The area to the right of the falls is private property. At the top of the falls you can get behind the water. The rocks will be slippery and the ceiling is low so watch your head!

Like all DuPont hikes, this one is kid friendly. If you’re going out on the rock to get to the top, keep an eye on the young ones. The water isn’t deep but the rock is slippery and once you start sliding down, your next stop will be the collection of boulders at the bottom. And it is a long, long way day. As far as photography, trying to get it all in one shot isn’t going to happen. The upper drop is too far away to capture from the base. You’re going to have to shoot this one in segments. There are a lot of opportunities at the top of the falls, including shooting behind the waterfall. There are two ways to climb up above the top of the falls but I didn’t attempt either. I watched two people with mountain bikes scoot under the waterfall and then ascend the other side. There was also a steep scramble to the left of the falls. I don’t know what’s up there but maybe on my next visit I’ll explore further.

The hangar on the way to Bridalveil Falls – October 2013
On the tarmac and ready for takeoff – October 2013
Bridalveil Falls in it’s entirety – October 2013
The Upper Section – October 2013
The ‘BridalVeil’ – October 2013
A peek behind the veil – October 2013