144 – Herrin Knob Falls

Accessibility – Medium

Height – 20′

Distance – 0.9 (out and back)

Beauty – 8

Photo rating – 8

Solitude – 9

GPS Info: LAT 35.29612 LONG -82.94039

Last updated: 07/24/2016

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Herrin Knob Falls is a combination freefall and cascade on Tenasee Creek, upstream fro Upper and Lower Dill Falls. The creek is low volume but the falls is private and peaceful. Access is from FR4663. Most of the hike is along an overgrown logging grade but the final push to the falls is accomplished via a creek walk/rock hop. You could probably bushwack up the side of the creek but the water was low and the creek was easy to navigate. The falls is around 20 feet in total height with the focus being the free-falling tendrils of water that make up less than half the overall height. The base of the falls is a mess of downfall but the falls is framed in greenery, giving it a tropical feel.

To get to Herrin Knob Falls, take US64 West out of Brevard to the intersection with NC215. Headwaters Outfitters is on the corner so you can use this as a reference point (it’s not too far past NC178). Make a right onto NC215 and head North for 14.2 miles and turn left on FR4663. It will look like you’re turning to someone’s driveway but stay to the left and you’ll soon bypass the clutter. Coming from the Blue Ridge Parkway FR4663 will be on your right and it comes up quickly. The road is marked as FR4663. Like many Forest Roads, they are subject to closures in the winter so do your research ahead of time to avoid a wasted trip. The road isn’t gated at NC215 but it may be about a half a mile in. You could park there and walk, as long as you don’t block the gate or mind an extra 4.5 miles round trip. In this case, come back in the spring when the road is open. The falls isn’t that great.

Follow FR4663 for 2.9 miles, passing FR4663B, the road to Dill Falls along the way. There is ample parking after you cross the creek on the right side of the road. Across the street there is a nice roadside campsite. The hike begins on FR4663. Follow it back across the creek and look for a faint path up the right side of the creek (right side when facing the creek from the road). After about thirty feet the path becomes more clear and easy to follow. The grade is overgrown in places but relatively simple to follow. Less than a 0.3 of a mile into the hike the logging grade intersects Tanasee Creek. At this point you have two options. You can walk the creek or bushwack up the side. I opted for the creek and other than two difficult rock sections (pictured below), it wasn’t a bad hike.

Tenasee Creek doesn’t have a lot of water at this elevation but the falls are nice enough. There is a lot of downfall and without some serious water, it will likely keep piling up. You can shoot from anywhere in front of the falls. The hike is kid friendly but smaller kids will need a hand at the two rocky areas of the creek bed. Expect a peaceful experience without the crowds.

Frontal view of Herrin Knob Falls – July 2016
Same view 5 months later – December 2016
Closer view of Herrin Knob Falls – July 2016
The view from the large boulder downstream – December 2016
The drop and the splash pool – December 2016
Herrin Knob Falls – December 2016
A closer view – December 2016
All the little drops – December 2016
The pool – December 2016
The upper drop – December 2016
The view from river right – December 2016


One of the sights you’ll see on your creek walk – Herrin Knob Falls – July 2016

The first sight (obstacle) you’ll see along Tanasee Creek – Herrin Knob Falls – July 2016
A short distance downstream – Herrin Knob Falls – December 2016