090 – Little Moore Cove Falls

Accessibility – Easy+

Height: Approx 40′

Distance – 1.2 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 5

Solitude – 6

GPS Info: LAT 35.31193 LONG -82.77854

First visit: 07-18-2015

Most recent visit: 02-24-2018

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The easiest way to get to Little Moore Cove Falls is to hike to Moore Cove Falls, backtrack along the trail to the side path to the left. It will run down to the creek, which you will have to rock hop across. The trail leads through a campsite and crosses another branch of the creek, the one with Little Moore Cove Falls on it. After the second crossing, the trail goes right and starts to climb away from Moore Cover and into the parallel drainage where you will find this strikingly similar waterfall.

Trailhead Directions: Follow US276 6.7 miles from the intersection with US64/NC280/US276 in Brevard. There is ample parking along the right side US276 but in the summer, the lot will fill up and you will have to park elsewhere. Coming from the Blue Ridge Parkway, it’s 8.3 miles to the parking area. You will cross a small bridge before getting to the parking area. there is an information kiosk at the trailhead that makes no mention of Little Moore Cove Falls, Upper Little Moore Cove Falls or even Upper Moore Cove Falls. No matter what time of day you arrive, you will get to enjoy this one without anyone bothering you.

The nice thing about this one is you don’t have to venture more than a few minutes out of your way to add it to the list of waterfalls you’ve seen. On my November visit the flow was decent and the same went for my February 2020 visit which came in the rain. In July of 2015 it was a dribble.

Photographically, it is no different than shooting Moore Cove except there are no tourists and it doesn’t have an observation deck. Now that you’re here, when you get back to the trail leading to Moore Cove Falls, if you look above Little Moore Cove Falls you will see falling water. This is Upper Little Moore Cove Falls. I don’t recommend this one for most since the hike is brutal in every sense of the word. If you wanna have a go at it, you can find the hike here: Upper Little Moore Cove Falls.


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