The Waterfalls of 276 – Pisgah

A rare moment of solitude at Sliding Rock – July 2015

If you’re going to be making repeated trips to Western North Carolina, you will likely get well acquainted with US276. The 15 mile stretch of US276 from the intersection with US64 & SC280 in Brevard to the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) is going to provide access to countless waterfalls and hikes. There are seven waterfalls along US276. Three, Looking Glass Falls, Moore Cove and Sliding rock are among the most heavily visited in the area.

There are also at least four lesser known falls along this stretch of highway. Of the hundreds of people that pass through daily, very few, if any stop at any of these lesser known trio. I have visited all three and explored them thoroughly. I enjoyed them every bit as much as the majors on this route, maybe more so. The fact they aren’t on the map adds to the allure for me.

US276 also provides access to dozens more waterfalls off of the numerous forestry roads that intersect along the way. On your way in from the intersection in Brevard where US276/US64/NC280 come together, you can stop at the Pisgah Ranger Station to pick up trail maps and check on road closures. Forestry roads and the Blue Ridge Parkway are subject to closures in the wintertime so check ahead.

All mileages are listed from the intersection with US64 & SC280. Distances from the BRP are measured from the stop sign at the base of the ramp. US276 is a winding road so you will want to slow down in advance of any potential stops. Once you drive past something, it isn’t easy to turn around, especially on the end closer to the BRP. The drive along US276 is great and there are so many incredible sights.

0.1 Miles (14.9 from BRP)

Pisgah National Forest Colonnades

1.5 Miles (13.5 from BRP)

Pisgah Ranger Station

2.1 Miles (12.9 from BRP)

Intersection with FR477 (On Right)

5.2 Miles (9.8 from BRP)

Intersection with FR475 (On Left)

5.6 Miles (9.4 from BRP)

008 – Looking Glass Falls

6.7 Miles (8.3 from BRP)

009 – Moore Cove Falls

090 – Little Moore Cove

662 – Upper Little Moore Cove

7.4 Miles (7.6 from BRP)

030 – Unnamed Waterfall on Looking Glass Creek #1 (near cliff)

707 – Climbing Wall Falls

7.8 Miles (7.2 from BRP)

010 – Sliding Rock

8.3 Miles (6.7 from BRP)

085 – Unnamed Waterfall on Looking Glass Creek #2 (picnic area upper)

708 – Unnamed Waterfall on Looking Glass Creek #3 (picnic area lower)

10.2 Miles (4.8 from BRP)

081 – Unnamed Waterfall on Looking Glass Creek #4 (near FR475B)

10.3 Miles (4.7 from BRP)

Intersection with FR475B (On Left)

11.7 Miles (3.3 from BRP)

Intersection with FR1206 (On Right)

168 – Pigeon Branch Falls

12.7 Miles (2.3 from BRP)

Buck Springs TH

246 – Cradle Falls

365 – Lower Barnett Branch Falls

366 – Upper Barnett Branch Falls

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