377 – Twin Falls (Toxaway River)

Accessibility – Moderate+

Height – 15-18′

Distance – 1.6 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 7

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 8

GPS Info: LAT 35.11935 LONG -82.92662

Last Updated – 11-25-2018

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Twin Falls is one of those waterfalls that has been on my list for a long time. I wanted to hike down to it when we were staying at the condos back in 2015 but ran out of time and since they I kept promising to stop. It was like Wolf Creek Falls. It was one of those things that I slated for the end of the day that I didn’t ever have time to complete. I seemingly drive past it every time I’m in the area but somehow I never have the time to make a stop but with a day of exploring in Gorges already planned, Twin Falls seemed to make a good warm up hike.

Twin Falls is fifteen foot high, river-wide waterfall located on the Toxaway Rover a short distance downstream from Toxaway Falls and US64. The falls drops over a sheer ledge but a high spot in the rock forces the water to the sides, creating the twins. The hike to the falls isn’t difficult under normal circumstances but getting to the best photo vantage does require crossing the river, which on my visit was out of the question. The Toxaway was way up and any attempt at crossing above the falls would have met with disaster so on this day I located an alternate location to shoot the falls from the river left side in the shadow of a large boulder. It was directly in the spray zone but there was nothing else to do.

From Brevard, Toxaway Falls is 16 miles west on US64. From Cashiers the falls is 13 miles east on US64. Look for the large masonry bridge and the grassy bank of the dam above the road. You can park in the graveled area a short distance from the falls. Lake Toxaway is on the upper side of the road. From the bridge over the Toxaway River walk along US64 toward Brevard. You will pass an old building on the left and across the road you will be able to see where the old road veers to the right. This area has changed a lot and the sharp bend and the gated road that used to be roadside are now behind a high dirt mound. You can’t see the gate from US64 anymore but if you follow the old guard rail it will take you to the place.

Pass the gate and follow the obvious gravel road along the ridge. After a tenth of a mile it will narrow and a tenth of a mile after that it will change from gravel to dirt. The path was easy to follow as it follows the ridge down toward the Toxaway. You can hear Toxaway Falls pretty good from the trail and on our November visit we could see the falls raging. From the gate it is about 0.5 of a mile to where the trail heads to the right at a level area along the river. There are large boulders around and a small drainage creek. At lower flows you can cross above the falls but we were forced to remain on river left and work out way down below the falls. After passing a large boulder at the base of the falls I found a way down to the river on some large stones that allowed me to get to a view of the falls.

High flow at Twin Falls – November 2018




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