688 – Sid’s Falls

Accessibility – Moderate

Height: Approx 50′-55′

Distance – 3.2 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 8

Photo rating – 8

Solitude – 5

GPS Info: LAT 34.75608 LONG -83.30772

Last updated – 01-19-2023

Last Visited: 05-17-2020

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The 55+ foot Sid’s Falls is on Shoulder Bone Creek, a tributary of Opossum Creek and is one of three waterfalls on this hike. The trio can be combined into one hike but Sid’s is the easiest to access and the nicest. To include Sparkle Falls there is about a tenth of a mile of creek walking and some light bushwhacking. Getting to Maxie Duke Falls is on a crude trail but once you get close to the falls there is some downfall to work past.

Trailhead Directions: Coming from the south, take US76W from the split with US123 in Westminster. Remain on US76W for 12.4 miles and make a left onto Damascus Church Rd. Pass Chattooga Belle Farms. At 0.8 from US76W, make a right onto Battle Creek Rd. This is the same route to Opossum Creek Falls and Long Creek Falls. Pass the turn for Turkey Pen Road and remain on Battle Creek Rd a total of 3 miles. Make a right to get back onto Damascus Church Rd. Follow this for 0.8 of a mile to a gated road entering the woods on the right. There is enough room for 4 cars to park without blocking the gate. If you are coming from the North you would be making a right onto Damascus Church Rd. There is a fire station on the corner. The GPS for where I parked is here: 34.74181, -83.29888

The hike: The hike starts on Opposum Creek Road and at the first fork, you need to stay to the right. This first section on the road meanders up and down some but it’s pretty easy hiking. At 1.3 miles the road ends in a large clearing and a trail heads into the woods. This is Bernie’s Trail to Sid’s Falls. Follow this trail to a split. If you’re not paying attention you will likely miss the trail branch that heads to the left. This is the way to Maxie Duke Falls. After taking the right fork, the trail goes straight down to the base of the falls. How steep? 150 feet down in less than 550 feet. The trail drops you off at the base of Sid’s Falls, which looks like half of Long Creek Falls.

Sparkle Falls is the next one on the list, and it is downstream of Sids’s Falls. I stayed either in the creek or very close to it all the way to the brink of Sparkle Falls when I swung wide on river right to get to the base. It wasn’t too difficult, and on my way out I ran into a woman and her dog who I had seen at Sid’s Falls. They were way off the trail in the rhodo, but I got them on track. The one way to Sparkle is 0.2 of a mile. There’s only one more to go. After getting back to Sid’s climb up the trail to the junction but instead of making a left to get back to the road, stay straight. This will lead down steeply to Maxie Duke Falls. There is a lot of clutter on this one, and the section you can see in my picture is above most of the downfall. Sid’s is the highlight of his trek, but since the other two are so close, you might want to check them out.