The Waterfalls on 475 – Pisgah

Lower Waterfall on Cedar Rock Creek – July 2015

The section of FR475 that’s covered here starts out at the intersection with US276. This intersection is 5.2 miles from the intersection in Brevard where 64/280/276 converge. If you’re coming from the Blue Ridge Parkway, the turn is 9.8 miles from the stop sign at the base of the ramp. I’ve arranged this page as if you were driving down FR475 after turning off of US276. So now you can work your way down FR475, if you choose. All of my distances are measured from the intersection at US276 and they may be off by a tenth of a mile or so. I suggest you slow down in advance since making a u-turn on FR475 isn’t always easy.

0.4 Miles

Trailhead parking for Looking Glass Rock

1.4 Miles

Fish hatchery/John Rock Trailhead

014 – Upper Waterfall on Cedar Rock Creek

053 – Lower Waterfall on Cedar Rock Creek

228 – Saxifrage Falls

1.5 miles

Intersection with FR475B

2.1 Miles

013 – Small Waterfall on Rockhouse Creek

3.2 Miles

035 – Pothole Cascade on Cove Creek

036 – Rockslide on Cove Creek

037 – Waterfall on Caney Bottom Loop

038 – Waterfall on Cove Creek

3.9 Miles

039 – Tom Springs Falls

173 – Upper Tom Springs Falls

242 – Waterfall Above Shuck Ridge Creek

243 – Shuck Ridge Creek Falls

331 – Twin Boulder Falls

4.2 Miles

062 – Waterfall on Long Branch

063 – Waterfall on Grogan Creek

4.8 Miles

350 – Gemini Falls

351 – Laurel Fork Falls

352 – Unnamed Waterfall on Laurel Fork

5.7 Miles

135 – Roadside Waterfall on FR475

6.0 Miles

Intersection with FR471

054 – Waterfall on Cathey’s Creek