013 – Small Waterfall on Rockhouse Creek

Accessibility – Easy

Height: Approx 10′-12′

Distance – Roadside

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 8

Solitude – 4

GPS info:

Last Updated:04/01-2017

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The small waterfall on Rockhouse creek is visible on the side of 475 about 0.75 miles past the fish hatchery. If you’re not paying attention you can race right past and never know it was there. There is enough room for several cars to pull off and there is a small trail leading down to a clearing next to the falls. It isn’t terribly private what with 475 20 feet away but it is a cute little waterfall with a pool at the base.

From the intersection of 64/276 in Brevard, follow 276 5.3 miles to the split with 475. Make the left onto 475 and follow it 2.1  miles until you see a pull off on the right side of the road. People drive like crazies on 475 so be careful making your way to the short trail down to the falls. If the hike were any longer it wouldn’t be worth it but since it’s a matter of getting out of your car for maybe ten minutes, why not. My then five year old liked it, said it was small, just like her. She was also happy that she got to count it on her waterfall list.

The hike is kid friendly, all 33 feet of it. You can shoot it from the side of 475 or from the clearing to the right of the falls. When everything is green in the summer it looks really nice and since the road is behind you, no one has to know it isn’t in the middle of nowhere.

Waterfall on Rockhouse Creek – December 2015
Waterfall on Rockhouse Creek – From 475 – December 2015

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