476 – Hunt Fish Falls

Accessibility – Moderate

Height – 14′ (two drops)

Distance – 1.8 (out and back)

Beauty – 7

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 5

GPS Info: LAT 36.01410 LONG -81.80397

First visit: 03-23-2019

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Hunt Fish Falls is a two-tiered waterfall on Lost Cove Creek. What the waterfall lacks in height it makes up for with an amazing swimming hole. The setting around the falls has a lot of open bedrock and places to take pictures and hang out.

Trailhead Directions: There are a lot of ways to reach the trailhead, probably the easiest is to enter it into Google Maps. If not, from the intersection of NC183 and NC181, follow NC181 North for 0.8 of a mile and make a right onto Pittmans Gap Road. The name of the road will change several times before it reaches Mortimer Road in about a mile. Make a left (more stay straight). Follow Mortimer Road for 0.4 of a mile to a stop sign and make a right to stay on Mortimer Rd. Long Ridge Missionary Baptist Church is at the intersection. Mortimer road will split after about half  mile. Stay to the right onto Old Mortimer Rd. At 2.1 miles from the stop sign (2.5 from when you got onto FR464) you will pass FR58.

FR58 provides access to North Harper Creek Falls and South Harper Creek Falls. After 4.0 miles you will pass the turn onto FR464A for Upper Little Lost Cove Falls and Little Lost Cove Falls. In another 1.7 miles you will reach the trailhead for Bard Falls. Only half a mile further and you will reach the parking area for Hunt Fish Sidekick Falls and Hunt Fish Falls. Reading these directions you might be thinking, all of these trailheads are pretty close together, is there a way to do all 7 of these waterfalls in one day? You can but you are going to have to keep it moving.

The hike: There is not much to this one. From the right side of the parking area the Hunt Fish Falls Trail leaves the road and starts its descent to the Falls. It is a moderate grade than won’t really hit you until you are hiking out. From the trailhead to the base of the falls you will lose about 750 feet in elevation, although it won’t feel this way on the hike in. The descent it pretty even, it only slightly steeper when you get closer to the falls. The Hunt Fish Falls Trail will meet the Lost Cove Trail near the falls. Before you head out onto the exposed rock or to the base to explore, if you look up the mountain on the river right side you will see the stream you followed on the way down, tumbling about 80-100 feet. This is Hunt Fish Sidekick Falls.

There are several views of Hunt Fish Falls, you can avoid either close to the upper section or at the base across the pool. The geology is awesome and the rock wall across the creek adds to the overall setting. This one tends to draw a crowd so don’t expect to have this one to yourself unless you time it just right. Both views are featured below.


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