315 – Charley’s Bridge Falls

Accessibility – Depends

Height – 14′

Distance – Roadside or Scramble

Beauty – 7

Photo rating – 5

Solitude – 1

GPS Info: LAT 35.26873 LONG -82.98420

Last Updated – 09-15-2018

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Charleys Bridge Falls is a roadside waterfall on Charleys Creek Road along the way between NC281 and NC215. The waterfall is almost directly under the bridge over the creek and it can be viewed from above however this view does not do it justice. The 12-14 freefall is surprisingly nice but getting to the base is going to take some effort. It will also show you how little some people care for these amazing waterfalls we visit. To get to the bridge coming from NC215, follow Charleys Creek Road for 6.75 miles to a pullout on the right before crossing the bridge. If you’re coming from NC281, the bridge is just under 4 miles down Charleys Creek Road.

The best roadside view is from the side of the falls closer to NC281. This side of the falls is open and you can see the drop but it does not tell the whole story. I’m sure there is more than one way to get to the base but I can only speak for the route I took. From the bridge walk along Charleys Creek Road toward NC215. Follow it past where the guardrail ends and start looking for a crude path down. It’s actually easy to spot if you look for all the trash that has been dumped down the hillside. I began my hike by passing an Easy-Off Oven Cleaner can and followed the hillside down to a field of rusting cans. If you feel like you’re at the landfill, you’re on the correct path. There are two 4-5 foot steep sections before the trail reaches the creek as well as assorted tires and whatnot. When you get to the creek head upstream passing a washing machine that some imbecile managed to roll down the hill and into the creek despite all the trees. The best view of the falls is from on top of the rocks on river right but it has you close to the falls and not exactly in the best spot to take a picture.

Up close at Charleys Bridge Falls – September 2018
A downstream look at the falls – September 2018


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