865 – Used Falls (Wateroak Creek)

Accessibility – Difficult+

Height – 30′

Distance – 3.2 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 2

Photo rating – 2

Solitude – 9

GPS Info: LAT 35.02993 LONG -83.55602

Last Visited 01-15-2022

Last Updated – 01-12-2023

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Used Falls is a cluttered mess located above New Falls. The hike to it is one the steepest and slipperiest things I have ever done. That said, there is no way I can tell you what I did to get to this one, or the ones above it. We found a route with a lot of trial and error. The GPS of the falls is listed. Unless you like dangerous situations, this one is not for you. Hike to New Falls. About the only thing I can saw with certainty is you need to swing wide on river left to get past New Falls. You can read about New Falls here. Did I mention that the coolest part of getting to Used Falls is this tunnel?

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