170 – Woods Cove Falls

Accessibility – Easy (finding the parking area will be hard)

Height: Approx 40′

Distance – 0.3 (out and back)

Beauty – 6

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 6

GPS Info: LAT –.—- LONG –.—-

Last updated – 08-22-2017

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Woods Cove Falls and Cold Creek Falls share a common element, they are accessed off the same logging load that starts on Tanasee Gap Road. On my first visit I came in from the NC215 side. We reached the trailhead by following Tanasee Gap Road from the combined parking area for Double Branch Falls and Bernie’s Falls at FR9999. From that trailhead to the pullout for Woods Cove and Cold Creek Falls is 2.5 miles (7.1 miles if coming straight from NC215). It will be on the left as you’re coming down the hill. If you miss the pullout you will get to the stop sign at Wolf Mountain Road in 0.3 of a mile. If you’re coming from US64 via NC281, make a right onto Tanasee Creek Road and drive one mile to an intersection. If you go straight you’ll be on Wolf Mountain Road. Make a right to stay on Tanasee Creek Road. Head up the hill and 0.3 of a mile from the intersection there is a pull-off on the right just past a gated logging road.

The hike passes the gate and descends steeply. It isn’t signed as private property and when I was there in August I spoke to several people who live further up the road and they said that it wasn’t private property as long as you came in from Tanasee Creek Road. I have no idea if this is the case of not but they were friendly and didn’t seem to mind our arrival.

At the base of the hill an obvious path leads to the left into the woods while the road is making a turn to the right. The trail winds a short distance to the falls. If you manage to find it, here’s what you’ll see. The falls is about 35 feet high dropping over three ledges into a nice collection pool. For the most part the base is free of debris but if you try and shoot from the river left, there is some downfall to contend with. You can also approach the base on river right for a profile of the lower drop.

Woods Cove Falls – August 2017


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