177 – Quarry Falls

Accessibility – Moderate

Height: Approx 15′

Distance – Roadside / Rock Hop

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 3

Solitude – 3

GPS Info: LAT 35.0929 LONG -83.2666

Last updated – 04-11-2017

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Quarry Falls, a.k.a. Bust Your Butt Falls, is a fifteen foot high rock slide on the Cullasaja River, upstream of Cullasaja Falls and downstream of Scadin Falls. The small falls drains into a large pool at the base that is excellent for swimming. There are an abundance of large boulders on the river right that are perfect for sunning or relaxing. The only thing that takes away from the setting are the cars racing past on US64 only a few feet away.

To get to Quarry Falls from the intersection of US64 and NC106 in the Highlands, head West on US64 approximately 6.4 miles to the large pull-out on the Eastbound side of US64. If you’re coming from Cullasaja Falls the parking area is 2.4 miles East.

There really is no hike. CLimb down over the boulders to the river right side. You can climb out into the middle of the river on the boulders or wade on in if the water level is low enough. Photography is going to be a problem. The canopy is open and anything too wide is going to show the guardrail along US64. This is a kid-friendly kind of place as long as the water level isn’t up. You will probably remember this one as more of a fun place to hang out versus a great place to take a photo.

The pool below the falls – April 2017
The view from river right – April 2017
The view from the middle of the pool – April 2017

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