292 – Lake Sequoyah Dam Falls

Accessibility – Easy

Height – 20′

Distance – Roadside Scramble

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 5

Solitude – 3

GPS Info: LAT 35.0670 LONG -83.2249

Last Updated – 08-27-2018

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Getting to Lake Sequoyah Dam Falls from Highlands will take less than five minutes on US64. From the intersection of US64 and NC28 follow US64 West for 1.9 miles to the large parking area on the left. This parking area is right at the edge of Lake Sequoyah and even with Lake Sequoyah Dam Falls, which can be seen from the parking area.

The descent to the base of this man-made waterfall is from a scramble path located at the upper edge of the parking area. At the base of the path you will have to climb over a steel drainage pipe about 18 inches in diameter to reach the flat area in front of the falls. The symmetrical waterfall converges at a pile of small boulders in front of the dam and then heads downstream to toward the brink of Kalakaleskies Falls, which is only a few feet from the best viewing area for Lake Sequoyah Dam Falls. The rock is flat and not overly slippery but when wet, use caution. Going over Kalakaleskies Falls in the swift moving river will likely prove fatal.

The fact cars are racing past on US64 detracts from this waterfall as does the fact it is a dam overflow that creates the falls. That said, it is actually photogenic and I really like the way the water converges by the rocks.

If you’re going to Kalakaleskies Falls, read on.

The gray sky in this one stinks – August 2018
The convergence at the base – August 2018