300 – Slick Stick Falls

Accessibility – Difficult

Height – 30′

Distance – 0.7 – Trail/creekwalk/wade/bushwhack

Beauty – 4

Photo rating – 2

Solitude – 10

GPS Info: LAT 35.0190 LONG -83.1655

Last Updated – 09-01-2018

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So you’ve gotten to the base of Lower Stick Falls and you’re feeling pretty good. In that case, we have one more waterfall to visit to wrap up this part of the world. If you continue across the exposed rock from river left to river right, you will walk into the mouth of Little Creek as it empties into Big Creek. Our next waterfall is up this smaller branch. As far as how you approach this, you have two choices. I did both. On the way up to the falls i walked up the creek and on the way back I found a trail on river left that kept me out of the creek for a lot of the hike but still had me doing some water-walking. The trek up Little Creek is just over a tenth of a mile but since it’s a creekwalk with sections of trail and some bushwhacking, it felt like a lot longer. Sadly, the effort you expend on this journey is going to net you a 30 foot high waterfall covered in downfall and no great photographic angles. Of course this point, I was in it for the adventure. I also knew that while I might come back to Stick Falls one day, there is little chance I’m going downstream.

As much as this waterfall was nothing to write home about, it will forever hold a special place for me as it was my 300th waterfall. I probably could have planned this better but so be it.

Crossed this one of the list – September 2018

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