546 – Lower Camp Creek Falls (Green River)

Accessibility – Hard (river crossing)

Height – 15′ (two drops)

Distance – 5.0

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 7

GPS Info: LAT 35.27111 LONG -82.33765

Last Updated – 01-21-2023

Last Visited – 05-28-2019

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Lower Camp Creek Falls is a 20 foot high waterfall at the very bottom of Camp Creek right before it empties into the Green River. Getting to it requires a five mile roundtrip hike that includes having to wade the Green River. This last part is not something you want to do except during low flow. EVen then it was deep and the water was swift.

The trailhead is for the Green River Cove Trail at 35.2745, -82.30528.

The hike follows the Green River Cove Trail as it parallels the Green River. The Green River Cove Trail is pretty easy hiking and the 2.3 miles to the point where I left the trail had only minor elevation changes and plenty of nice views of the river. The point where I left the trail was just before reaching Bear Branch, which I crossed right at the river. The remainder of the hike to the crossing was along the river. I crossed exactly where Camp Creek enters the Green River. It was a little thick getting up to the falls, and the lower part was covered in crap. The upper section was really pretty, It’s a nice summer hike when the water is low. Trying to cross the Green River at any other time is extremely dangerous.