406 – Lower Satula Falls

Accessibility – Roadside

Height – 100+′ (distant view)

Distance – 0.0 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 2

Solitude – 1

GPS Info: LAT 35.02527 LONG -83.19230

Last Updated – 12-28-2018

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From the intersection of US64 and NC28 in Highlands head south on NC28 for 3.4 miles to a large pullout on the right. The weeds and saplings along the side of the overlook are overgrown and block the view but if you look out across the valley you can see the falls coming out of the woods. It isn’t going to be easy to get a shot with the wall of brush in the way. About the best shot I got of this 100+ waterfall was with my tripod standing on the roof of my Xterra.


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