537 – Midnight Hole Falls

Accessibility – Easy+

Height – 10′ (but it ain’t about the height)

Distance – 3.0 miles RT

Beauty – 4

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 2

GPS Info: LAT 35.73834 LONG -83.12712

First visit: 05-24-2019

Most Recent Visit: 03-08-2020

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Midnight Hole Falls isn’t something you hike to but more something you hike past on your way to either Mouse Creek Falls, Upper and West Mouse (The Joke and the Big Green Rock) or Gunter Fork Falls. If you wanna know how to get to this one, you can reference any of those three hikes. The short of it: hike 1.5 miles along the Big Creek Trail starting at the parking area by the bathrooms. You can’t miss it.


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