787 – Shot Pouch Falls

Accessibility – Easy

Height – 45′

Distance – 0.5

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 7

GPS Info: LAT 35.16027 LONG -83.57376

Last Updated – 01-15-2023

Last Visited – 02-27-2021

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Shot Pouch Falls was another one that made an appearance on The 500 List and quickly went away. That wa after I had finished, but my goal has been to go to all of the ones they were ever on the list. I went into this one with high expectations since a friend of mine told he how nice it was. It excceded my expectations. It’s a beautiful waterfall and it’s easy to get too.

The trailhead Shot Pouch Falls is on Wayah Road half a mile from Wayah Gap. It’s on the outside of a hard lefthand switchback before getting to Berties Falls. There is a gated road at the outside of the switchback at this location: 35.15792, -83.57376.

The hike starts by passing the gate following the old road. It is a quarter of a mile to Shot Pouch Creek. The waterfall drops right next to the road. Probably be even better in the spring.