031 – Little Wildcat Falls

Accessibility – Easy

Height: Approx 16′-18′

Distance – 0.1 (out and back)

Beauty – 6

Photo rating – 5

Solitude – 3

GPS Info: LAT 35.???? LONG -82.????

Last updated – 04/01/2017

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This small roadside waterfall is visible from NC 215 as you drive past but you can stop and get a better view. I’ve likely driven past it several dozen times and I’ve stopped twice. It isn’t anything special but the effort to see it isn’t anything special either. It amounts to little more than park your car and walk across the street to the waterfall. If you want to explore it further you can take the steep scramble path down to the base to check it out.

The waterfall is between 16-18 feet high and is a single drop. The creek emerges from the thick vegetation and plunges over the rock face and into the collection pool at the base. In the summer the setting is very cool as the thick growth around the falls frames the shot.

To get to this unnamed waterfall, take NC 215 North 2.6 miles. There is a pull off on the right before NC 215 sweeps into a right hand turn. There is space enough for a few cars before the guardrail. If you see the waterfall on your left, you’ve missed the parking area.

Seeing the fall sup close is kid friendly but you’ll want to use caution when you’re on the side of NC 215. The scramble path is steep and slippery. you can get a good shot from the road either straight on or from the side. You can also use a wide-angle lens and shoot from the base. Probably not worth more than ten minutes out of your day but it’s an easy one to put on the list.

Roadside Waterfall on NC 215 N – June 2014
Roadside Waterfall on NC 215 N – Profile view – June 2014
Th view from the base – October 2016
The splashdown – October 2016