Waterfalls on NC 215 North

Little Bird Falls – NC 215 North – October 2015

There are two sections of NC 215 and I use the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) as the divider. The South section runs from US 64 just outside of Brevard to the BRP. The North section goes from the BRP to US 276. NC 215 is a great drive as it winds its way through this section of the Shining Rock Wilderness. The West Fork of the Pigeon River flows through the area and many of the waterfalls along this stretch of scenic highway terminate in the Pigeon River. Everyone who comes to Western North Carolina has their favorite area to explore. Mine is NC 215 North. Three of my top 10 waterfalls are along this section of NC 215, as well as two of my favorite hikes. Unlike many areas, the trails here are harder to follow and are maintained mostly by volunteers. Parking is always going to be roadside and nowhere along this stretch are their facilities.

I use the intersection with the Blue Ridge Parkway as the basis for all of my distance measurements. I started my trip meter at the base of the ramp before I make the left onto NC 215. If you’re going to use my mileages, drive slowly and keep an eye out for the pull outs. If you drive past one, getting turned around on NC 215 is difficult. The road is winding and sees a lot of motorcycle traffic so be alert. The follow page is arranged by distance from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

0.4 Miles – Parking Area for MST

064 – Lower Bubbling Springs Branch

065 – Upper Bubbling Springs Branch

163 – Mt Hardy Falls

0.8 Miles

046 – Split Falls on Wildcat Trail

047 – Wildcat Falls

1.8 Miles

045 – Bubbling Springs Cascades

1.9 Miles

149 – Lower Wildcat Falls

217 – Middle Wildcat Falls

2.6 Miles

031 – Roadside Waterfall on NC 215 North

4.0 Miles

044 – Waterfall on Sam Branch

089 – Wash Hollow

4.2 Miles

088 – Sunburst Falls

032 – Waterfall on the West Fork of the Pigeon River

5.7 Miles

066 – Little Bird Falls

8.4 Miles – FR97

225 – Little Beartrap Falls

226 – Berry Branch Falls