My Top 10 List

My top ten list is a wild mix that includes some of the hardest hikes to the most remote places. Just completing this list of 10 will be difficult to impossible for most (especially #2, #4 & #5). When I grade a waterfall I take a number of things into consideration. Obviously the waterfall but more than that I also factor in the the setting and the hike. Looking Glass Falls and Whitewater Falls are breathtaking but one is one side of a road and the other you view from a deck! Not my idea of nature. If you shoved it half a mile past the end of an overgrown road, it would maybe make my top 20. I enjoy the hike, the challenge and the setting as much as the waterfall.


1 – Flat Creek Falls


2 – Upper Buff Creek Falls


03 – Steeltrap Creek Falls

Sam Branch_00014

03 – Sam Branch Falls (the upper one)


05 – Lauren Falls


06 – Chasm Falls

7 – Campbell Creek Falls



8 – Twin Boulder Falls


9 – Wolf Laurel Falls


10 – Upper Sols Creek Falls

Here are a few that just missed the top 10. These are not in any order:

Bear Creek Falls, Middle Prong Falls, Sid’s Falls (SC), Long Creek Falls (SC), Lee Falls (SC), English Falls, Laurel Leap Falls, Little River Falls, Upper Wintergreen Falls, Scotsman Falls


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