My Top 10 List

My top ten list is an eclectic mix. Some are on most people’s lists and others aren’t. I take a number of things into consideration. Obviously the waterfall itself but more than that I also factor in the the setting and the hike. Looking Glass Falls and Whitewater Falls are breathtaking but one is one side of a road and the other you view from a deck! Not my idea of nature. I enjoy the hike as much as the waterfall. This link will take you to a list of my top 10 waterfall hikes. As I said, Looking Glass Falls is an amazing waterfall and everyone should see it but it doesn’t make my list because its on the side of US276 and having cars racing past kills it. At the same time, Twin Boulder Falls is nowhere near as impressive but the surroundings are more appealing. Whitewater Falls is awesome except for all the people and the steps descending to an observation deck. Whereas if you want to see Lower Dismal Falls you’ll be descending a rope!


1 – Flat Creek Falls


2 – Big Falls (Thompson River)


3 – Wolf Creek Falls


4 – Lower Dismal Falls


5 – Scotsman Falls


6 – Twin Boulder Falls


7 – Long Creek Falls (SC)


8 – Upper Sols Creek Falls


9 – Toaxaway Falls


10 – Courthouse Falls

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