137 – Waterfall on Horsepasture Rd

Accessibility – Easy

Height – 10′-12′

Distance – Roadside

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 5

GPS Info: LAT 35.1849 LONG -82.9709

Last updated – 05-14-2016

If heading to Virginia Hawkins Falls via Horsepasture Rd, 1.7 miles into the drive to the split at Laurel Gap, you will come to this unnamed waterfall along the side of the road. Is it worth a separate trip to see it? Absolutely not. Is it worth a stop as you’re driving along? Sure why not. It’s ten minutes.

There is a pull out on the right as Horsepasture Rd sweeps into a left hand switchback. There is enough room for one car to pull off at this spot. The waterfall is on the right. The area in front of the falls is solid rock and you can take a picture from here. I didn’t see a reason to explore further, especially since we were going to be pushing it as far as daylight went. If you choose to stop, here’s what you’ll see.

10′-12′ waterfall along Horsepasture Rd – April 2016
In Portrait – April 2016