309 – Frozen Creek Shoals

Accessibility – Easy

Height – 40+′ (estimated)

Distance – Roadside (lousy view)

Beauty – 2

Photo rating – 1

Solitude – 1

GPS Info: LAT 35.09707 LONG -82.87695 (Est)

Last Updated – 09-09-2018

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Frozen Creek Shoals is a roadside waterfall on Frozen Creek Road not too far from the Auger Hole Road access to Gorges State Park. The waterfall is easily 40+ feet high but the view from the road leaves much to be desired and since this is private property, there is no way to get to the base for a better view. To enjoy the lousy roadside view, follow US64 West from Brevard. After passing NC215 on the right, drive another 0.9 of a mile to Frozen Creek Road on the left. there is a grading company located at the turn. Follow Frozen Creek Road 4.1 miles to the pullout on the right hand side. When you get out you will hear the falls down below. Walk along the side of the road to try and get the best view, which will leave much to be desired.

A crappy summer view of Frozen Creek Shoals – September 2018

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