839 – Upper Blackberry Falls

Accessibility – Hard+

Height – 35-40′ (completely covered in downfall)

Distance – 5.5 miles (shuttle)

Beauty – 1

Photo rating – 0

Solitude – 7

GPS Info: LAT 35.03668 LONG -83.032708

Last Updated – 01-21-2023

Last Visited – 07-21-2021

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Now that you’ve endured the disappointment of FR89 Falls, it’s off to the highlight of this tributary excursion. First the good news. The hike to Blackberry Branch begins with 1.2 miles on Round Mountain Road before it’s time to head into the wilds agian. When you get to this point 35.03695, -83.03684. The best I can tell you is to follow the top of the ridgeline down toward Blackberry Branch. This is incredibly challenging, and at times you might want to get into the creek, but once you do, you will have to get out to get around one of the numerous cascades. We ended up on river left when we got to Upper Blackberry Falls. It is about half a mile of bushwhacking and creek walking from where you leave Round Mountain Road to the base of the falls. There was a large tree on the falls when I was there, but a freind of mine was there after my visit and cleaned it up some. Regardless, this waterfall is beautiful. Take your pics and bet ready. Just when you think it can’t get any more difficult, it does.