563 – Chasteen Creek Falls

Accessibility – Moderate

Height – 15′

Distance – 4.0 (out and back)

Beauty – Hard to say from my pic

Photo rating – 5

Solitude – 2

GPS Info: LAT 35.58752 LONG -83.31063

Last Updated – 01-12-2023

Last Visited – 06-22-2019

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Chasteen Creek Falls is 15 foot high waterfall that usually does not look like my picture. I hiked this one in a driving thunderstorm that ended rigth before I got to the falls. It was sunny by the time I got back to my truck. I love the weather in the Smokies.

The trailhead is at the very back rigth hand corner of the Smokemont Campground. I parked at 35.56266, -83.31073. No one said anything when I drove in and the spots on the right aren’t assigned to any of the campsites.

The hike starts past the gate on the Bradley Fork Trail. The first 1.2 miles on the Bradley Creek Trail are pretty flat as the trail mirrors Bradley Creek. At 1.2 miles the trail forks. The Bradley Fork Trail is the left fork. Make a right onto the Chasteen Creek Trail. Both of these trails are horse trails so watch your step. The Chasteen Creek Trail gains twice the elevation gain of the Bradley Creek Trail in the next 0.7 of a mile. The trail forks at 0.7, with the Chasteen Creek Trail being the right branch. Take the trail the left that will lead you down to the creek. Don’t go in a flood and this one is really pretty.