274 – Last Falls on Slickum

Accessibility – Easy

Height – 10′

Distance – 0.1 (out and back)

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 7

Solitude – 5

GPS Info: LAT 35.0729 LONG -82.6019

Last Updated – 08-18-2018

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Having driven the Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway (SC 11) more times than I can count, it was it took me this long to visit the two waterfall on Slickum Creek. The only reason I visited them on this trip was because I was an hour early meeting Sara and Matt who were taking me to Amelia Falls. Less than a tenth of a mile from the wildly popular, Wildcat Wayside, these two waterfalls don’t get near the traffic as their better known neighbors. As a matter of fact, on my visit, there were nine cars, including mine, in the parking area for Wildcat Wayside and people everywhere. As I walked into the woods with my Electric Blue Xterra still in sight, I entered a quiet and secluded realm.

The trail to the falls is between Wildcat Wayside and the split where SC11 and US276 go their separate ways. When you get to it you can see the split and the parking area. The easiest way to locate the trail is to walk down the road until you come to Slickum Creek. When you reach the creek head upstream following the obvious path. The first few steps are steep but very quickly the trail moderates. The woods will close in and after climbing over a fallen tree you will reach the Lower Waterfall on Slickum Creek. A large fallen tree is on the river right side of the pool below the falls and getting the best shot required my climbing over the tree and wading the creek to reach the sandy area in the middle of the creek. The falls is maybe 10 feet tall but the setting has a pristine feel and even with SC11 only a short distance away, it possesses a secluded feel. The lower falls was a great opening act for a waterfall I didn’t expect upstream.

From the lower falls, the trail ascends on river right to Sweet Thing on Slickum.

Lower Falls on Slickum – August 2018
The opening act – August 2018

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