894 – Alyssa Falls

Accessibility – Hard+

Height – 22′

Distance – 5.0 (out and back)

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 3

Solitude – 10

GPS Info: LAT 35.474451 LONG -83.114157

Last Updated – 01-10-2023

Last Visited – 04-23-2022

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Alyssa Falls is the next stop on this trek, and while nicer than Mile High Falls, the effort to get here, and more so the effort to climb bck out make this somethign you didn’t plan your trip around. It is nearly a mile from the trail to get to this point and the elevation loss is 1500 feet.

I can provide a starting point and the locations of the five waterfalls on this hike, but otherside I can’t really give any other details. The hike started here on the Blue Ridge Parkway: 35.46196, -83.1247. It left the parkway a tenth of a mile later. There is no reference point. From the parkway, the goal is to reach the trail that connects Mt Lyn Lowry and Waterrock Knob. You will cross the MST on the way, so the first trail you reach is not the one you want. Before you get too far into this, you need to be going UP at this point. It’s about half a mile to reach the trail. Make a right. In about a tenth of a mile, the adventure begins. We just found the place that looked the least steep and overgrown. In time we reached East Fork Campbell Creek and followed that to the various waterfalls. That’s really all I have on this one becasue, on my visit, we managed to thread the needle between the cliffs around Campbell Creek Falls. There is no way I can tell you the exact route, and a few feet in either direction and it’s cliff city.

My advice would be to find someone who has been there and go with them. There is just so much that can go wrong on this hike, and this is a long way from cell service.

Alyssa Falls has a nice shape to it, but the clutter is a bit much.