236 – Case Falls

Accessibility – Medium

Height – Approx 30′

Distance – 0.40 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 1

Photo rating – 1

Solitude – 10

GPS Info: LAT 35.2885 LONG -82.3592

Last Updated: 09-07-2017

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There was a time where Case Falls was probably a very nice waterfall but sadly at present it isn’t much to look at. I was there in September of 2017 and the entire falls with the exception of the very bottom was lying under a quartet of hemlocks that fell off the embankment on river left. The trees were splayed across the falls, obscuring most of it and making it barely worthy of a photo. Before the tree collapse this would have looked much different.

If you want to visit it despite the clutter, take I-26 to exit 53, Upward Road. Head East away from Hendersonville. At 1.5* miles make a right onto Big Hungry Road. At the first fork just under a half a mile later, stay left. At the next fork, bear right. After the second fork it is nearly half a mile to Gallimore Road on the right. Follow Gallimore Road until it ends at a gate. There is a parking lot on the right for kayakers but it charges a fee. As long as you don’t have a kayak rack, you can park on the street.

From the end of the street, walk up the hill and make a right onto the trail as it enters the woods. It isn’t hard to follow and it felt like a construction zone with the silt fencing and survey markers. When the trail bends to the left, look for an opening in the silt fence on your right. The area is overgrown but once I was making my way down, I was able to see the way others had gone. The embankment is steep in places and the trail does meander a bot before reaching the creek. There isn’t a lot of room below the falls and the creek is hemmed in my rhodos and small cascade which prevents moving downstream to take a picture. After you see my picture you may not want to waste your time, unless you’re one of those crazies doing a waterfall challenge. 🙂

This is where I headed down to the creek – September 2017
There’s a waterfall under all that crap, I swear – September 2017