006 – Batson Creek Falls

Accessibility – Easy/Moderate

Height – 75′ over 2 drops

Distance – Approx 1.4 mile each way

Beauty – 7

Photo rating – 3 (5 from above)

Solitude – 8

GPS Info: LAT 35.1639 LONG -82.7313

Last updated: 2/20/2016

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Like all of the waterfalls on the Ogana Trail, Batson Creek Falls is on property owned by the Connestee Falls subdivision. This amazing trail is ONLY accessible to residents and guests. Since this is private property, you will likely have this trail to yourself as you hike downstream. We had rented a house in the neighborhood and got to enjoy this trail and all of the falls. Access to all of the falls on Batson Creek is from the yellow blazed Ogana Trail. Personally, other than the view of Connestee Falls, the other waterfalls pale in comparison to the hike.

The trailhead is a short distance from the parking area for Lake Ticoa, and requires crossing Connestee Trail, the main road through the subdivision. After you park by the lake, walk back to the hill and look down. You will see the opening in the woods across the road. You can walk down the parking lot access road or take the grass hill. If you opt to walk down the grassy hill, keep in mind it is very steep. The moderately difficult hike to Batson Creek Falls meanders through about as pretty a section of forest as you could ask for. The trail is well marked and well maintained. The hike is kid friendly but it does get steep in places and there are a few precipitous drops off the side of the trail.

The Lower Falls, or simply Batson Creek Falls is around 0.75 of a mile downstream from the Middle Falls. Middle Falls is 0.5 of a mile below Upper Falls and Batson Creek Falls is 0.75 of a mile downstream of Middle Falls. While this route leads you to the base of Batson Creek falls, there is no good view of the falls as it comes in from the right. The observation deck was put in place for Connesstee Falls, which dominates the scene. The best photo-op for Batson Creek Falls is from the overlook on highway 276. Park next to the real estate office and walk to the observation deck. You will see the waterfall descending out of the forest off to your left.

Lower Batson Creek Falls - October 2012
Lower Batson Creek Falls – October 2012

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