Thee Creek Waterfalls

Accessibility – Hard

Height – Varies

Distance – 5.5 (out and back)

Beauty – 4 to 8

Photo rating – 3 – 9

Solitude – 7

GPS Info: LAT 35.77034 LONG -82.23748

Last Updated – 01-09-2023

Last Visited – 08-13-2022

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This one is going to be a little vague but it was a creek walk invloving two creeks. It’s not something you should be doing unless you’ve done this kind of thing before and you’re prepared for an all day adventure. I didn’t GPS mark the 6 waterfalls along the way. The GPS reading in the header is for the uppermost waterfall we saw. If you use that as a reference, you have no choice but to see the other 5 waterfalls along the way.

The trailhead for this adventure is here: 35.78855, -82.21377.

The hike begins by passing the gate and following the road beyond. The road is in good shape and easy to follow, it’s so nice to walk on it that you might miss the point where you have to leave the road and pick up the trail. It’s on the right, and easily missed if you’re not paying attention. Give or take, it’s about 0.8 of a mile. The trail runs for a mile, paralleling Rock Creek. You will cross several tributaries before the trail abruptly ends at Rock Creek. The creek will be the way from here. Thee Creek is 0.3 of a mile above where you enter Rock Creek. It comes in on the right and should be easy enough to spot. The confluence of the two creeks is at this point 35.76753, -82.22876. Once you head into Thee Creek, I can’t really help you. It’s rock hopping, climbing, wading, and getting around the waterfalls requires some thinking to find the best route.

This trek is not easy, and this isn’t the kind of place where you want to get hurt. I toyed with not even mentioning any directions but it’s not hard to find Thee Creek on a map, and my hope is if you even think about doing this hike, you have the requisite skills to accomplish it safely. There is a picture of each waterfall so you can see what awaits you.

902 – Thee Creek Falls #1

903 – Thee Creek Falls #2

904 – Thee Creek Falls #3

905 – Thee Creek Falls #4

906 – Thee Creek Falls #5

907 – Thee Creek Falls #6