815 – Bonita Falls (SC)

Accessibility – Hard (steep climb up andback down)

Height – 45′

Distance – 0.2 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 7

Photo rating – 8

Solitude – 7

GPS Info: LAT 35.05721 LONG -82.84874

Last Updated – 01-18-2023

Last Visited – 03-26-2021

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Bonita Falls is one of five waterfalls clustered along Canebrake Road approximately 1.6 miles from Horsepasture Road. If you do this one you might want to do Abbey Falls, which is just above it. Both falls are upsteam of Canebrake Rd. Canebrake Road meets Horsepasture Road at the trailhead for Virgina Hawkins Falls. Aff five of these waterfalls are off trail bushwhacks. The terrian is steep and unforgiving. The best I can do it give you the point where I left the road: 35.05693, -82.84839. I would never expect anyone to take my choice for starting the bushwhack as anything more than my preference. This is one of those cases where everyone is going to see things differently. If you decide to visit any of these waterfalls, use caution.

Another few things to consider. Canebrake Road is often gated, which turns a 0.2 out and back to Louie Falls into a 3.6 mile day. The other is also important. This is a low-flow creek that does not normally look like this. I went the day after we got more than an inch of rain.