250 – Opossum Creek Falls

Accessibility – Moderate

Height: Approx 50′-55′

Distance – 4.0 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 7

Photo rating – 8

Solitude – 7

GPS Info: LAT 34.7574 LONG -83.3141

Last updated – 01-19-2023

Last Visited – 11-2-2020

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The 50+ foor Opossum Creek Falls is one of the nicer waterfall in the SC upstate and the hike, while long at 4 miles round trip on a decent trail, there is some elevation change on the hike, especially on the part heading down to the Chatooga. Most of the mile leading to the river is downhill, making for a hard hike back after visiting the falls.

When I came to Opossum Creek Falls I was staying in Sapphire Valley so I came down NC107 into South Carolina where it turns to SC107. You can also get to this point by coming down NC281 and taking Wiggington Road to SC107. From the intersection at Wiggington Road it is around 11.8 miles until SC107 dead ends into SC28. Make a left and then a near immediate right onto Whetstone Road. Half a mile down Whestone make a left onto Cassidy Bridge Road. You’ll be on Cassidy Bridge Road for 7.4 miles. When you come to the stop sign at 7.4 miles make a left onto US76. After making the turn take the next right onto Damascus Church Road (0.1 of a mile). In roughly a mile bear right onto Battle Creek Road. Just under two miles later make a right onto Turkey Ridge Road. This gravel road will lead to the parking area in 2.25 miles.

The signed Opossum Creek Trailhead is next to the parking area. It begins by heading down the grade before eventually leveling off for a time. It was easy to follow and in decent shape. After 1.2 miles you will hear water falling off to your left. It’s worth a trip down to check it out. Its Camp Branch Falls. As the trail comes to the Chatooga it will start to descent more steeply and by the time you can see the Chatooga River through the trees, you’re paralleling the trail that doubles back to Opossum Creek Falls, which is down to the left. When the trail hits river-level, make a left and look for a trail heading upstream. It will be less than half a mile of moderate hiking before you reach Opossum Creek Falls.

There is a nice sandy beach where the trail meets the Chatooga River, making it a cool place to hang out before embarking on the hike out. The initial part of the hike up the grade is steep but not ungodly.

Opossum Creek Falls – March 2018


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