698 – Big Branch Falls

Accessibility – Kayak

Height – 30′ (covered in clutter)

Distance – 8.8 (four waterfalls)

Beauty – 2

Photo rating – 1

Solitude – 4

GPS Info: LAT 35.22862 LONG -83.05082

Last Updated – 01-09-2023

Last Visited – 08-01-2020

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Big Branch Falls was a crappy, cluttered covered waterfall on Bear Creek Lake. It was one of 4 waterfalls we kayaked and hiked to that day. The combined paddling and hiking was close to nine miles. We also visited Verde Falls, Sols Creel Falls, and Flat Creek Falls. The paddle began at the Bear Creek Lake Access Area, which is here: 35.24416, -83.06411.

The paddle followed the middle of the lake toward an island at the far end of the main lake body. Reaching the siland is about a 2.0 mile paddle. You can move closer to the right side of the lake at 1.3 miles to see a lousy view of Big Branch Falls. When you get to the island you have three choices. You can make a left and head for Sols Creek Falls, you can make a right and head to Verde Falls or you can continue ahead and beach and hike to Flat Creek Falls. We did all four and it was a great day,