709 – Bull Sluice

Accessibility – Easy (but it can be harder)

Height – 8′

Distance – 0.4

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 5

Solitude – 2

GPS Info: LAT 34.81734 LONG -83.30462

Last Updated – 01-20-2023

Last Visited – 09-26-2020

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Bull Sluice isn’t so much a waterfall as a huge rapid on the Chattooga River. The waterfall sits on the border between Georgia and South Carolina. The parking is on the SC side of the river at this point: 34.8148, -83.30446.

The hike is pretty easy, leaving from the upper end of the parking area by the Chattooga River Interpretive Center. The trail runs for 0.2 of a mile toward the river to an observation area. Getting to the deck is easy, but getting closer to the river is a bit trickier. I took my shot from the rocks on river left well in front of the deck.