210 – Glassmine Falls

Accessibility – Easy

Height: Approx ?

Distance – Roadside

Beauty – 1

Photo rating – 1

Solitude – 1

GPS Info: LAT 35.7343 LONG -82.3442

Last updated – 07-17-2017

Glassmine Falls is viewable from the Glassmine Falls Overlook at milepost 361.3 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. On my visit, which occurred during a thunderstorm the falls looked like a big wet rock way across the valley. I took a picture anyway and then left. As far as I can tell, the only reason you might want to stop at this overlook is the cell signal is really good on Verizon. You could possibly use this opportunity to check out my website for waterfalls nearby that might interest you as this one surely won’t. My advice is this, if you need to stretch your legs or you fancy big wet distant rocks, stop here. If you need to see a waterfall, keep driving. There are some very nice ones when you get to the intersection with NC80 only a few miles away.

Near the left edge of the rockface you can see a faint wisp of water – July 2017

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