279 – Waterfall #3 on Pinnacle MTN Trail

Accessibility – Moderate

Height – 45′

Distance – 4.4 (out and back)

Beauty – 4

Photo rating – 4

Solitude – 5

GPS Info: LAT 35.0356 LONG -82.7216

Last Updated – 08-18-2018

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After knocking out two waterfall in the first quarter of a mile, it is going to be another two uphill miles before reaching the third Waterfall on the Pinnacle Mountain Trail. The steepness of the hike is going to fluctuate as the trail switches back and forth up the mountain. There are a lot of sections of exposed roots and rocky areas to navigate as the trail climbs the flank of the mountain. Lacking any side trails at this point, there is only one way to go to reach this 45 foot high waterfall. The creek was low volume but the numerous ledges and shelves hinted that this might not look too bad after some heavy rain. The waterfall flows over the trail and the base is clogged with fallen crap but even so the upper ledges are relatively uncluttered. The biggest issue with this waterfall is the proximate location of the trail. You’re forced to shoot from very close so getting the entire falls in frame is tough and distorting. At 4.4 round-trip, I’m not coming to this waterfall but as a bonus on a hike to the summit, I’d stop again. The Fourth Waterfall on Pinnacle Mountain Trail is just ahead!

Needs more water! – August 2018

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