548 – Little Canyon Falls

Accessibility – Hard+

Height: Approx 8′

Distance – 5.5 (shuttle hike)

Beauty – 10

Photo rating – 5

Solitude – 10

GPS Info: LAT 35.0505 LONG -83.0470

Last updated – 06-02-2019

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Hike Directions: Hike as you would to Exit Falls and get ready to test your nerves. If you went to Sculpted Falls, this probably won’t bother you but I thought it was more difficult. From the base of Exit Falls cross to river left and look for narrow opening in the rock. If you venture in to the opening you will see daylight at the top. Climb the narrow opening to the top and once there make your way to the left in order to climb onto the roof of the cave you climbed up. A narrow trail weaves to a point above Exit Falls on river left. There was a chain anchored to a tree that will aid you in getting down to the top of Exit Falls. The price for a botched landing is severe.

Standing at the top of Exit Falls, the only view of Little Canyon is to cross the falls at the brink and make your way upstream to where a large section of exposed rock climbs away from the river. You’re going to want to make sure of every step. Getting up the rock is tricky and even after climbing it you have to get to the next section of rock in order to see the falls. These directions are not purposefully vague but there is no way to describe the exact route I took. When you’re there it should be obvious. It was to me. Error on the side of caution. One slip from the rocky area and you’re going to fall into the canyon and go over Exit Falls.

Little Canyon Falls – one of the coolest places I’ve been
A look down on Little Canyon Falls – June 2019

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