271 – Camp Branch Falls

Accessibility – Roadside

Height – 250′ (but hard to view)

Distance – Roadside

Beauty – 3

Photo rating – 1

Solitude – 2

GPS Info: LAT 35.25371 LONG -83.65312

Last Updated – 08-12-2018

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Roadside on Wayah Road 2.7 miles from US19. There is a pullout on the left hand side of the road if you’re heading toward Whiteoak Falls. In summer the falls is all but hidden by the foliage on the hillside with only the lowest section visible. From further up Wayah Road almost 200 feet of the falls can be seen coming down the hillside but the location is not good for getting a picture.

Where the falls ends at the Nantahala River – February 2019
More of the upper section – February 2019

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