339 – Waterfalls along FR74

Dillingham Road, which becomes FR74 runs 13.8 miles from NC197 to where it ends at the parking area for Douglas Falls. The unpaved section isn’t too bad and along the way there are numerous small waterfalls dropping right next to the road. Walker Falls is the most impressive but with the water up in the wake of Hurricane Michael a few days prior, many of the other waterfalls were looking good. Most are easily seen from the road while a few others require some scrambling. The same goes for the creeks once they cross under the road as there is more falling water down there. Short on time I didn’t devote nearly enough time to these waterfalls. All of them are on the left as you’re heading to Douglas Falls.

7.8 Miles from NC197



9.0 Miles from NC197


9.1 Miles from NC197

Walker Falls

10.6 Miles from NC197


10.8 Miles from NC197


11.0 Miles from NC197


11.4 Miles from NC197


13.0 Miles from NC197


13.2 Miles from NC197


13.8 Miles from NC197

Douglas Falls

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