238 – Little Brasstown Falls

Accessibility – Medium

Height – Approx 20′

Distance – 0.40 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 1

Photo rating – 1

Solitude – 10

GPS Info: LAT 34.7170 LONG -83.3020

Last Updated: 10-07-2017

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Little Brasstown Falls is the first waterfall you’ll come to on the trek to Lower Brasstown Falls. It requires a slight detour on the way to the main attraction further downstream but I highly recommend this short detour to enjoy this waterfall. It is the easiest of the falls to see and the most kid friendly so if you have little ones. this is the place you want to go. While not a part of the hike you have to do to get to Brasstown Falls, I’m going to outline this hike as if you’re going to see all four fall. This is the only one with the driving directions. At the end of this listing, click the link for Upper Brasstown Falls to get to the next waterfall.

Coming from Cashiers take NC107 South into South Carolina and remain on it until you reach the intersection with SC28. Coming from Brevard or Hendersonville, take US64 West to NC281 South. Tale NC281 South past Gorges to Wiggington Road and make a right. Follow this until it ends at SC107. Make a left and follow it to NC28 and make a left. SC107 comes to NC28 at a T. Once on SC28, follow it for 2.5 miles to Chattooga Ridge Road and turn left. Keeping going straight on Chattooga Ridge Road until you reach US76. It was just over 9 miles. Make a left and follow US76 to Brasstown Road 3.6 miles from the Chattooga Ridge Road. Turn right onto Brasstown Road. Most of this section is gravel. At 4 miles, FR751 comes in from the right, turn here and follow this until it ends at a parking area.

Positioned a the upper end of the parking area, a row of boulders blocks vehicle traffic and marks the start of the hike. Getting to Little Brasstown isn’t hard but if the water is up it will require getting your feet wet or balancing on a fallen tree to get to the base. Follow the obvious trail and when the main trail veers to the right near the top of Brasstown Falls you will see a side trail to a left. On my October visit I could see glimpses of the falls through the trees. The trail will lead to a creek crossing and once across it winds to the base of Little Brasstown Falls. Once you’re done here, reverse course back to where you left the main trail. The journey to Upper Brasstown Falls resumes here.


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