183 – Kings Creek Falls

Accessibility – Moderate

Height: Approx 75′

Distance – 1.60 (partial loop)

Beauty – 8

Photo rating – 3

Solitude – 7

GPS Info: LAT 34.9665 LONG -83.1121

Last updated – 04-11-2017

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Kings Creek Falls is one of two major waterfalls on Burrell’s Ford Road in the Sumter National Forest along SC107. When combined with Spoonauger Falls, these two waterfalls make for a great half day adventure for the entire family. If you wanna make a day out this area, consider adding Issaqueena Falls and Yellow Branch Falls to the itinerary. Kings Creek Falls is a 75 foot tall waterfalls comprised of two smaller upper drops and a large main drop over a dark rock face. On our visit the water was up so the creek was raging. From my experience, you do not want to get to the waterfall at mid-morning. The lighting conditions for photography is horrendous at best. It was the worst waterfall lighting I’ve had to contend with in some time. On a brighter note, I have a reason to go back, as if this waterfall wasn’t reason enough.

To get to the trailhead from Cashiers, follow NC107 South from the intersection with US64 in the middle of town for 13.1 miles to Burrell’s Ford Road and make a right. Along the way you will cross into SC and the road will become SC107. (From the state line it’s 4.9 miles to Burrell’s Ford Road). If you’re coming from further south, follow SC107 North from the intersection with SC28 for 10.4 miles and turn left onto Burrell’s Ford Road. Not long after the turn onto Burrell’s Ford Road, the pavement ends and the road turns to gravel. It’s in decent shape and wide enough for two cars to pass. But watch out for some rough patches. At 2.3 miles you’ll pass the parking area for Kings Creek Falls. If you keep going on Burrel’s Ford Road you will come to the trailhead for Spoonaguer Falls in less than a quarter of a mile.

As for the hike, you have two options, both of which we explored. The trail begins at the kiosk at the upper end of the parking area. A short connector trail leads to the white blazed Foothills Trail. which will lead you to a crossing of King Creek on a footbridge. Once across the bridge, the Foothills trail turns left and heads down river-left. Ignore this and follow the orange Blazed Kings Creek Trail upstream to the falls.

The other option to reach the footbridge is to follow the logging grade past the gate at the lower end of the parking area. The road will descend and pass a camping area on the right complete with restrooms, fire pits and grills. Not long after passing the campsite the road will reach King Creek. On the left side of the road you’ll see the orange-blazed Kings Creek Trail sign. Follow the trail upstream to the creek crossing on the bridge. Along the way you’ll see the Foothills Trail on the left that leads back to the parking lot from this point.

We did the hike as a partial loop, following the road to the Kings Creek Trail and on the way back picking up the Foothills Trail after crossing the bridge and following that back to the car. It made for a nice excursion.

Once across, continue on the orange-blazed trail to the falls. This section of the trail has a few sections with steep drop-offs on the left. At the falls there is a coupe of large boulders to navigate. Two large logs are across the creek and can be used to access a beach area on the river right, or you can take off your shoes and walk across. The beach would make a great shot to take a picture but on my visit it was shooting directly into the sun. The hike was kid-friendly and doing it as a partial loop made it an even more enjoyable hike. The road is definitely the easier route, only because there are some rooty sections on the trail.