258 – Picklesimer Rockhouse Falls

Accessibility – Moderate

Height: Approx 45′

Distance – 1.2 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 3 (due to fallen tree)

Photo rating – 8

Solitude – 5

GPS Info: LAT 35.01848 LONG -83.25340

Last updated – 08-11-2018

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For anyone who has been to Moore Cove Falls, you will instantly see the resemblance when you hike to Picklesimer Rockhouse Falls. This 45 foot high waterfall drops off a high ledge and freefalls onto a jumble or rocks and downfall before slithering down a cascade. The rockhouse isn’t s pronounced as Moore Cove but the setting is very nice. Sadly, a large tree recently fell on and off the top of the falls. A large section is hanging off the ledge while the rest in a jumble heap on the lower cascade, making a mess of a very nice waterfall. If you do visit, keep this in mind.

To get to Picklesimer Rockhouse Falls, start at the intersection of US64 and NC28 in Highlands, heading South on NC28. Follow this for 5.9 miles and turn right onto Blue Valley Road. There are numerous campsites on the road. Blue Valley Road eventually becomes FR79 and when it does it transitions from paved to gravel. A total of 4.2 miles from the turn off of NC28, there is a small pullout on the left across from an old logging road that heads up the grade. Park here. At this point you are very close to the trailhead for Chasm Falls, which is a short drive further along FR79 (0.3-0.4 of a mile).

The hike to Picklesimer Rockhouse Falls follows the logging road past a gate and up the grade to a large wildlidfe clearing in 0.4 of a mile. The trail continues through the clearing and into the woods to a meeting with the creek. At this point a trail heads up the river left side of the creek toward the falls. It is around a tenth of a mile from where the trail first intersects the creek. The total hike to the falls is less than 0.6 of a mile and not too strenuous.

Without the clutter of the fallen tree this would be an amazing waterfall and as nature slowly removes the tree it will continue to look better. I expect the clutter at the base will be gone quickly but the larger stuff hanging off the ledge will likely take some time or someone with a chainsaw. This is a good family friendly hike with little chance for trouble unless you try and climb to the top of the falls, which I don’t recommend.


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