115 – Fourth Falls on Tributary of Wildcat Branch

Accessibility – Easy

Height: Approx 25′

Distance – 0.76 miles (out and back)

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 4

Solitude – 6

GPS Info: LAT 35.077098 LONG -82.594408

Last Updated: 04/01/2017

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Upstream of The Middle Falls on Wildcat Branch is another smaller waterfall on a tributary of Wildcat Branch. As near as I could tell the waterfall doesn’t have an official name. It is on a tributary of Wildcat Branch and it is the fourth waterfall accessed from the parking area on SC11 at the base of Wildcay Wayside. Unless told otherwise, I’m referring to it as Fourth Falls on a Tributary of Wildcat Branch (Fourth Falls).

Fourth Falls is along a low-flow tributary of Wildcat Branch at a point between the Middle and Upper Falls on Wildcat Branch. Fourth Falls is along a stretch where US 276 / SC 11 merge. Coming from Greenville, follow US 276 past the merger with SC 11 for five miles. A parking area for the falls is on the right. From Brevard, follow US 276 to a point 0.5 miles past the merger with SC 11. The pull off and falls are on the left. From the parking area ascend the steps to the left of Wildcat Wayside and cross the Creek just below Middle Falls on Wildcat Branch. On the far side of the creek there is an information kiosk. On the map the waterfall we’re heading to is only marked as ‘falls’.

Heading upstream from the kiosk takes you to the top Middle Falls on Wildcat Branch. As always, use caution around the top of waterfalls. The rock can be slippery and it only takes one misstep to ruin the day. The trail will lead past a stone chimney on the left before reaching a fork. The trail is a loop from the this point. Crossing the creek on the left branch will lead you to Upper Falls on Wildcat Branch. Stay to the right on the yellow blazed trail. The hike from the split to the falls is less than 0.4 of a mile. The falls is a rockface with a small upper drop.

The hike to Fourth Falls is kid friendly and the trail is defined enough. The ascents and descents are fairly modest and provide several great views of the creek. Getting a god shot may be difficult, especially in the summer when everything is grown in. I set up behind a fallen tree for a shot but the lighting was awful. I didn’t get a chance to do much exploring since the skies opened up several minutes after we arrived. This will be revisited when we hike to the Upper Falls on Wildcat Branch at some point in 2016.

Fourth Falls – December 2015
Fourth Falls seconds before the downpour – December 2015

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