296 – Turley Falls

Accessibility – Easy

Height – 100′ over several drops

Distance – Roadside distant view

Beauty – 4

Photo rating – 1

Solitude – 1

GPS Info: LAT 34.7035 LONG -82.2496

Last Updated – 09-01-2018

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Turley falls is a high waterfall on Brightwater Branch near Hendersonville. While there is no way to access the base since it is on private property you can get a distant view across the valley from Turley Falls Road. It is not a great vantage but even so the tall falls is a nice sight. The view is going to be somewhat hindered by a house on the side of Truley Falls Road.

From the US64 exit on I-26 follow US64 West 5.7 miles and make a left onto Turley Falls Road. Follow Turley Falls Road for about a quarter of a mile and after crossing over the railroad tracks make a right onto Brightwater Drive. The road will climb the mountain and at half a mile, there is a break in the trees at a driveway and a distant view of Turley Falls.

While not a destination unto itself, if you’re heading somewhere else and happen to be in the area, this might be a worthwhile detour. The photo opportunity might be a lot better if there were some fall color or snow on the distant hillside. As it stands, the summer view is OK.

Across the ridge view of Turley Falls – September 2018 

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