146 – Pigpen Falls

Accessibility – Medium

Height – 24′ (two drops)

Distance – 1.2 (out and back)

Beauty – 5

Photo rating – 5

Solitude – 6

GPS Info: LAT 34.928583 LONG -83.1292

Last updated: 07/24/2016

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Pigpen Falls is the upper waterfall on Pigpen Creek, about a quarter of a mile before the creek dumps into the Chattooga River at the base of Licklog Falls. Pigpen Falls is made up of two levels, only one of which was easily accessed. The upper section could be accessed by a scramble path in the middle of the falls but it was clogged with debris so I didn’t bother getting myself all scratched up. The falls drops into a shaded cove bordered by a small beach area. Several long limbs extend into the pool and take away from the view but not too much.

Pigpen Falls and its downstream partner, Licklog Falls were our last stop on our July 2016 trip. This was an unplanned stop. After leaving NC following NC107 toward the SC upstate, we somehow ended up on SC107 south instead of SC130 South. By the time we realized it, we had been driving for about 20 minutes. The deliberations between my wife and I on the proper course had just commenced when something caught my eye. A sign with the single word, WATERFALLS with an arrow. One second we were ripping along at 70MPH and the next my Xterra was powering braking into a right hand turn onto Village Creek Road. We followed this for 1.7 miles to another WATERFALL sign that directed us to make a right onto Nicholson Ford Rd. Nicholson Ford Rd is gravel. The first mile it is a two lane road. After that it narrows noticeably. There are two creek crossings before reaching a sign that indicates the end of county maintenance. The road deteriorates from here. AT 2.1 miles a private drive heads to the left. Stay right and in a tenth of a mile you will reach the parking area.

The Foothills Trail exits form both sides of the parking area. Take the end near the information kiosk. There is also a sign here indicating the Chattooga River is 0.7 of a mile away. The while blazed Foothills Trail heads gently downhill for about half a mile before intersecting the Green Blazed Chattooga River Trail just as you pass the top of Pigpen Falls. Make a left onto the Chattooga River Trail and follow it to the base of the falls. There is a nice collection pool below the lower section of the falls. I took some shots from on top of the huge boulder in front of the falls and some others from the creek to the right of the boulder. It wasn’t the greatest waterfall in the world but the hike was nice. The area wasn’t crowded on our visit but I got the impression that the locals frequent the place.

The hike to Pigpen Falls is kid friendly and there is no scramble unless you wanna brave the downfall to get to the upper section of the falls. I opted against this course. After you’re done here, continue across the bridge heading downstream to Licklog Falls.

Pigpen Falls from the boulder – July 2016
Downstream at Pigpen Falls – July 2016