291 – Potholes Falls

Accessibility – Easy

Height – 12′ over several drops

Distance – Roadside Viewable or Scramble

Beauty – 7

Photo rating – 8

Solitude – 5

GPS Info: LAT 35.01613 LONG -83.12655

Last Updated – 08-27-2018

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Pothole Falls is located on the Chatooga River between Highlands and Cashies on Bull Pen Road. To reach this roadside (umder-bridge) gem, follow US64 East into Highlands and continue straight when US64 turns left toward Cashiers. This will leave you on Main Street which then becomes Horse Cove Road. As Horse Cove Road leaves downtown it will switchback down the mountain into Horse Cove. From the traffic light in town, stay on Horse Cove Road (Main Street for 4.55 miles to the split where Bull Pen Road goes to the right and Whiteside Cove Road heads straight. Turn right onto onto the unpaved Bull Pen Road.

About a mile and a half into the drive the road will turn from rough gravel to paved. The parking area for Potholes Falls is 3.0 miles from the split with Whiteside Cove Road, where Bull Pen Road makes a hard right to cross the Chatooga River. The parking area is straight ahead before crossing the bridge.

There is a nice view of Potholes Falls from the wood and metal bridge above the falls but if this is the only view you take, you’re missing out. On the far side of the bridge a stone staircase leads down the embankment to the river and using the large flat stones along the river bank to get into position to view the falls from below the bridge. The view at river level is much better and it allows you to see the sculpted rock below the bridge. The stone had decent traction but you will want to exercise caution. The river is moving at a good clip as it bends around behind the vantage point.

The view under the bridge – August 2018
A wider view of the sculpted rock – August 2018

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