193 – Entrance Falls

Accessibility – Hard+

Height: Approx 55-60′

Distance – 5.5 (shuttle hike)

Beauty – 8

Photo rating – 7

Solitude – 10

GPS Info: LAT **.**** LONG -**.****

Last updated – 06-15-2017

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Hike Directions: You’re going to have to hike the Upper Whitewater River downstream from the upper access off Heady Mountain Road. This is the first waterfall downstream of the river crossing. This falls is where the Whitewater River enters the slot canyon. It is hard to get a good vantage and as best I could tell there was no way to get to the base without a rope and harness. To get to the vantage for the first four shots you have to walk the edge of the river along the sloping rock. One misstep and you’re going down the falls into the slot canyon. It’s going to be a painful, bumpy ride with lots of broken bones and possibly ending with drowning in the roiling waters below. Be careful getting to and moving around the overlook. It’s both beautiful and dangerous.

The Whitewater River going into the Slot Canyon – August 2017
Entrance Falls from the overlook – August 217
The return to Entrance Falls – August 2017


The base of Entrance Falls – June 2017

Entrance Falls and the river above – June 2017
The incredible view of the falls and the churning river upstream – June 2017
The brink of entrance falls – June 2017

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