179 – Dry Falls

Accessibility – Easy

Height: Approx 65′

Distance – 0.4 (out and back)

Beauty – 8

Photo rating – 6

Solitude – 2

GPS Info: LAT 35.0686 LONG -83.2389

Last updated – 04-11-2017

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As far as the waterfalls on this stretch of US64 in the Highlands, Dry Falls is probably the most visited. Due to it’s roadside proximity, the ease of access and the fact you can walk behind me, make it a popular tourist stop. There is a large parking area on the Eastbound side of US64. In the parking area there is a donation box.

To get to Dry Falls if you’re coming up river, the parking area is 2.6 miles East of Scadin Falls. If heading downstream, it’s 3.2 miles West from the intersection of US64 and NC106 in Highlands. From the Western end of the parking area a set of cement steps descends. Follow these down. In all there are less than 100 steps and several inclined sections of pavement leading to the access behind the falls. There was a lot of water on our visit so the spray was intense behind the falls. With a wide angle lens you can shoot the drop from behind. The access continues to the far side of the falls and a viewing platform that would be perfect except for a tree growing directly between the falls and the deck.

Although not approved, there is a way to the base of the falls. You can slip under the rain in an erroded part of the viewing area or jump over the railing in the back. The trails converge and descend steeply to the river. The area was slippery due to the spray on my visit, making getting a photograph difficult. My Nikon has gotten wet enough times. When I get back on a day with less water, I’ll explore further along the river but for this day it was pictures from the same place as everyone else.

Kid-friendly, yup. It’s a very pretty waterfall that ranks very low on the excitement meter and much like Looking Glass Falls, it will never be one of my favorites because it’s right on the side of the road.

High water at Dry Falls – April 2017
Dry Falls – April 2017
In profile – April 2017
Through the falls – April 2017

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